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Giving forward..

So what has been happening in my life is no secret. This last month has been a series of events in which I and my friends have experienced great loss. I am very blessed in my career, but sometimes things happen that you can predict. My house in Los Angeles burned down last week. Most of my stuff was okay, but my best friends were not so lucky. They lost everything almost down to the shirts on their backs. This link is so you and I can help them get back on their feet again. The amount of love and support that we have received is overwhelming. Even if all you can give is a prayer, it’s still something. Thank you all so much.

Video Update :)


"This fall and winter will truly be a hibernation of the touring individual. It’s time to go in and harness the inspiration that has been ever present for months. Our album will come out next year and I wish we had a timeline, but the fact of the matter is that it can’t come out until it’s good enough. We are slaving away at this record. It is and has been the most challenging experience of our lives. When is is finished it will all make sense. You guys keep us motivated. For that, we are forever grateful. Thank you. -Ry"

Halfway there. This tour is going to rule.
Me and the boys.
Headed to the first show!!!
Singing with friends.